Pino 0.75ct

Pino 0.75ct

5.300,00 €Precio

Rama de Pino

· Materiales: Oro 18kt

· Diamante: SI2/H

· Medidas: 2.5 - 3.4mm grosor aprox. 

  • Cómo elegir el diamante

    Si tienes dudas sobre cómo elegir el diamante, lée este artículo o contáctanos por chat. Estaremos encantados de ayuarte.

  • Diamantes quilates / milímetros

    0.35ct = 4.5mm

    0.50ct = 5.2mm

    0.75ct = 5.7mm

    0.90ct = 6.00mm

    1.00ct = 6.4mm

Regan Luth

On time and delivered within a week from Spain to Australia. I just recived the ring today, it is beautiful!

Krisia & Rob

Excellent people to communicate with. They anwered all questions and were very quick to reply.  Thank you!